Have You Considered Going Into a Home-Based Drop Shipping Business With Salehoo?

The Internet is now used as a major tool in the promotion and selling of the many products by businessmen. They have been selling these items to the public over the years, now changed by the World Wide Web with the online selling practices. This has changed much the face of business now and even those starting with small home-based drop shipping enterprises are raking in much profit for themselves. It has meant also more profits for the wholesalers since this new style has expended the reach of their marketing operations. Names like Saleehoo, while engaging in a new kind of business, are fast becoming household words now.

As a middleman, the drop shipper does not handle the actual shipping of the goods he sells but this aspect of the business is done by his wholesaler partner. Thus, the small home-based enterprise that you can start as a drop shipper will not need much capitalization since you handle only the promotion and actual selling – the wholesaler supports you with the delivery of goods to the doors of the buyers. You have to pay for the freight charges though as part of your agreement with the wholesaler.

A good help that you can tap for your new home-based n business is a company named Saleehoo. It maintains extensive listings of wholesalers with a variety of products that the buyong public needs. To learn more about Saleehoo do more researches on the Net for you own good. It is quite easy anyway to do these online researches, as long as you have the computer equipment necessary and a good Internet connectivity.

As a drop shipper you have to work closely with Saleehoo, one among the popular online resources with its wholesale and drop shipping directory that it makes available to its members. They only charge a minimal membership fee for new members. This company has made it easy for new start ups in drop shipping because of the benefits it offers. The benefits however are only made by the company to its members. But things are made easier for you as a new drop shipping businessman.

If You Own A Quickdrop Ebay Drop Store Franchise What Will You Do Now?

QuikDrop Says Goodbye…

In an article written by Ina Steiner of AuctionBytes.com this morning, it is reported that QuikDrop, one of America’s largest drop off eBay store franchises, is closing up franchise sales and support operations by the end of this month. The current franchisees (store owners) are free to continue store operations but will do so without corporate franchise support or software.

…at least one storeowner was worried over QuikDrop’s notice that it would cease offering the stores use of its proprietary software program on December 31. Bob Golub, owner of a Massachusetts QuikDrop franchise store, said he wasn’t surprised at news of the closure, but is worried about finding replacement software and learning a new program in such a short period of time. “We’re all scrambling,” Golub said. Excerpt by: Ina Steiner AuctionBytes.com

If you own a QuickDrop franchise what will you do?

Will you move on and continue with operations with newer and even better software provided by a third party like AuctionLogic (powered by AuctionSound)? Or will you try to run your consignment operations with eBay’s Turbo-Lister?

Services are available such as AccountingLogic which will help you convert your data from your existing software or bookkeeping software and import that data into your new listing software. Learning more modern web based consignment listing software suites is not nearly as difficult as QuickDrop store owners might imagine. Training is available through the software vendors or their consultants and in the end your costs will be much lower while your ease of use and efficiency will improve.

My advice would be to weigh the options and evaluate this change as an opportunity. QuickDrop may have given the entire franchise the best Christmas present possible. But shutting down the bleeding and operations they have given the franchises an opportunity to control their own destiny and run their business as they want to. The reduction in overhead will give each franchise owner breathing room to implement new advertising, website development, and eBay store upgrade options which were not available to them as a franchise owner.

Beyond highlighting the numerous valid reasons for avoiding the purchase of a eBay drop store franchise, as previously detailed in this publication… This development also brings to the forefront a business practice which I believe every small entrepreneur should avoid…

The dependence upon one company or entity to supply your business with all of its required software and branding and ultimately, income… is fool hearty. Throwing all of your proverbial eggs in one basket is unwise in any venture, to depend upon one company for software and branding is risky.

While this lesson is demonstrated very plainly by this latest QuickDrop development. The same lesson can be applied to the practice of placing all of your product sales in one channel such as eBay. It is unwise for any business owner to be so entirely dependent upon the stability, largess, or whims of another company. If you are only selling via eBay or if you have a franchise eBay drop store of any brand, you should take today’s news as a wake up call. Look at your operation and analyze where your income is developed. If your stream is one river then you should diversify. Find a way to sell elsewhere, look for other support options, review other software vendors…

Always look for ways to spread out your dependence upon other entities and your business will be more healthy and better able to survive when one vendor has a bad situation develop. Your business is not unlike an investment portfolio, investing all of your cash in one stock is never well advised…

Everyone in the QuickDrop family should thank the corporate offices for this decision. There are other software suites available which are more user friendly and have better support and they are available at less cost than the price of a franchise and royalty fee.

Congratulations to all of the QuickDrop franchise owners – you have been set free.