Know Your eBay Fees And Charges And How They Will Affect Your Bottom Line

Depending on the country you live in eBay fees and charges will vary slightly.

Just like in traditional bricks & mortar businesses, you’ll need to keep a close eye on all eBay fees and charges because they will have a major affect on your overall profit margin.

One tip can be to use the starting prices shown and keep them just on the lower side of what you would like. For example, if you want to start your listing at $50, start it at $49.99 and save yourself $1.20 each time. Remember, every cent in your pocket increases your profits and helps you build a bigger eBay business.

Remember, just because you live in one country, doesn’t mean you can’t list your auctions in another. Many eBay sellers even run their whole business in an entirely different country than the one they live in.

As your business grows and you discover new niche markets you’d like to exploit, you may even want to create various Seller User ID’s and sell products all over the world.

No matter which eBay website you decide to list your items on, all fees will come back to the one payment source you establish when you sign up. This gives you lots of flexibility to run your business.

eBay Express

eBay Express is designed for shoppers who don’t particularly want to go through the auction format. At eBay Express shoppers can look for the items they’re interested in and purchase it immediately.

The added benefit of eBay Express is it has a Shopping Cart feature, allowing the shopper to buy multiple items, from different sellers, and complete the deal in one transaction.

The customer is also covered by free Buyer Protection on all transactions. This gives the customer added security and gives them confidence in shopping directly online.

To be included in eBay Express as a seller, currently it’s only available in the US and items can only be shipped within the US, so you need to have a base there or fulfilment services.

You also need to have a minimum of 100 feedbacks with a 98% Positive feedback rating. For your listing to appear, it must be a Buy It Now Auction, a Fixed Price Listing, or a Store Inventory listing.

Tips for Starting Your Own eBay Women’s Clothing Store Business

Launching your very own women’s eBay clothing store is a great way to begin a journey of financial freedom and independence while working from the comfort of your own home. Starting your own eBay women’s clothing store requires a bit of planning, preparation and some creativity to get your store off of the ground and running. The more you prepare to run your online store, the easier it will be once you begin to receive orders from those who are interested in the merchandise you have to offer.

Tips for Choosing Your Inventory

Determine what type of merchandise and inventory you plan to stock within your online eBay store before you begin searching for merchants that are right for your business. Create a list of the type of inventory you want to stock along with specific sizes you require for each piece of clothing or good you are interested in. The more detailed you are with your budget and specific about the type of clothing you want, the easier it is to work with merchants and wholesalers who provide what you need for the industry you represent.

Keep in mind any colors you want to offer as well as size charts from each vendor before you place any order to ensure you keep your customers as satisfied as possible when they make a purchase from you.

Finding the Right Wholesale Suppliers for Your Business

Finding the right wholesale suppliers is also necessary when you are shopping for a women’s clothing store on eBay. Finding a wholesaler online that caters to those who have eBay shops is highly recommended to purchase high-quality products and merchandise at a discounted price, especially when ordering in higher volumes. Shopping online to find the right wholesalers is a way for you to save time while also getting more access to hundreds and thousands of items depending on what you plan to sell to your customers.

Avoiding Shipping Nightmares

Avoid shipping nightmares when ordering any of your products wholesale by reading and reviewing all terms and conditions that have been put in place by wholesalers and other merchants you are using to purchase your items. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of all vendors you work with when operating a store of your own on eBay, especially if you plan to order items in bulk. You may also be able to find discounts from various merchants with the more you order in wholesale.

Importance of Pricing Factors

It is essential to factor in the pricing of your items and the markup you want to charge before launching your online eBay women’s clothing store. Consider the price you have paid for each item before marking it up and selling it to others. Additionally, it is also important to consider whether you are paying for shipping or requiring your customers to pay for shipping before setting a price for the merchandise you have for sale. If you plan to pay for shipping yourself, it is highly recommended to consider marking up the total cost of the item more to increase profit margin.

Consider Potential Fees

Whenever you have an eBay shop for women’s clothing, it is necessary to consider all PayPal and eBay fees you may encounter each time you make a sale or transfer your funds to different accounts online. Your eBay account may charge you for each sale that is generated, which is important to keep in mind when you are setting your prices online based on the amount of profit you are looking to generate in revenue altogether. Additionally, PayPal also takes fees depending on the type of merchant account you currently have as well as the number of sales you are making regularly. Read the terms and conditions of both sites before you begin selling your merchandise.

eBay Feedback Run-Ins and How to Keep Everyone Happy

Although you may ship your items on time and deliver a high-quality product, it is important to be realistic and to expect poor feedback from time to time, often from a difficult customer. It is essential to push for positive feedback from all customers to help negate any negative feedback you receive with your eBay account.

Learning all about the selling and marketing process of running an eBay store is a great way to get started in running a successful online women’s clothing business from home. The more time and effort you put into building your own eBay store with high-quality goods at affordable prices, the easier it is to build a loyal following of fans and potential customers for your brand.

Boost Your eBay Sales Using Simple, But Effective Approaches

eBay is amongst the best platforms you can choose to use to sell your products on. But considering that there are thousands of other sellers trying to attract sales just the same way you are then you are better off approaching it strategically so that you are able to boost your selling rates. If you want to attract more traffic to your listings, then you must get it right when packaging and presenting it to your targeted market.

Marketing is not always a cheap affair and it therefore makes more sense to optimize eBay business in such a way that you are able to attract traffic and increase sales. Fortunately, this is not that hard to achieve when you know and take care of all elements that really matter. A few simple but effective steps are all you need to take to start selling more on the platform.

Build and eBay identity – Branding is what you should be paying attention to so as to gain the trust of your customers. When you are able to successfully build a brand around your business on the platform, you will be in a position to enjoy return traffic, repeat business and also benefit from referrals. Be professional and consistent with your brand so your customers are able to remember you and trust you. You can consider developing a logo for your brand; a professional designer will help you create the most suitable for your business.

Let your username be sensible and professional – The last thing you want to do is choose a username that does not make any sense to the customers or one that is too long or complicated to remember. Keep the username relevant to what your brand is all about and let it be short and easy to remember and type to attract more traffic. If you make it too complicated then you risk losing traffic that would otherwise have led to a sale.

Let your branding be consistent throughout your eBay platform – The good thing about eBay is that the interface can be customized. You can therefore take full advantage of the opportunity to leave a mark. Take branding all the way across, listings, eBay shop, ends of auction email and even checkout and payment mode. The more consistent and spread it is, the better it will be for you to create a name that can be trusted.

Mind your listing template – Remember that you will be selling online where buyers do not have the luxury of touching and physically seeing the items that you are selling. For this matter, you must make it possible for them to understand the exact product you are selling them by providing every relevant detail about it. The more reassured your potential buyers are, the higher their chances of buying are, hence you should never leave anything out. Let your listing be made up of high quality pictures of every item you are selling, full description, including dimensions and features and any damage present, return policy, accepted payments and postage costs.

An Ebay Auction Businesses With A Twist

Who would ever have thought that eBay would become such a household name. eBay is not only the largest auction site, but also the largest marketplace in the world and their worldwide presence is unrivalled by any other website. eBay managed to built itself a reputation the world over as the place to come and find whatever you may be looking for. Regardless of what it is – somewhere in the world someone will sell it. Along with this reputation, eBay managed to do what ruined many of the early e-commerce sites, which was to build trust and confidence amongst their customers. On Ebay, people are willing to spend and the confidence they have in Ebay's payment and delivery system is reflected in their sales. With this in mind, starting an eBay auction business can be a highly lucrative venture for you.

One of the things that make eBay the success that they are, is that they offer virtually any person the opportunity to plug into their business. By opening your own eBay store you can get instant access to a huge client base – which is the very crux of doing business online.

Many entrepreneurs starting their own online businesses fail by not attracting enough customers to their website. Competition online can be fierce and website traffic has become a commodity. By starting your own eBay auction business you can eliminate this problem to a large extent. Starting your own eBay store is incredibly simple and inexpensive and you can just plug into Ebay's proven payment system without any difficulty or lengthy application and approval processes.

If this sounds too easy then hold your horses. Anybody who owns and runs a store can tell you the one simple truth: it's hard work! Running your own eBay store is no different and along with success can come a lot more 'hassle'. Dealing with customer issues, inventory and shipping orders can soon become a full time job. Although the profit potential is big, an eBay auction business is still hard work and many online entrepreneurs are trying to escape a full time job without sacrificing a full time income.

There is a slight twist on the theme though and out of the frustration of dealing with al the typical hassles that comes with owning a store, many entrepreneurs turned to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing became popular in the mid 90's and to this day it forms a huge part of online businesses and websites like Amazon rely almost entirely on affiliates. The fact that eBay offers a very generous affiliate commission on the sale of products opened up a new avenue for those who want to benefit from eBay without the usual hassles of running an online store.

By starting your own affiliate store you can start an eBay auction business without actually selling anything. By simply promoting certain products in your 'virtual storefront' you can direct customers to the most appropriate products and earn a commission for the sales that result from your referral. Although the profit margins are a lot smaller than if you were to run your own eBay store, the amount of work is a lot less. In fact, you can set your affiliate eBay store on autopilot and pretty much let it run itself while you keep earning commissions.

Residual income is a very powerful concept and one that the internet absolutely allows you to plug into. Most people today earn 'linier income' which means that they exchange time for money. Residual income on the other hand means that you do work once and it continues to work for you and earn money for you. This is the realm of the rich and with the internet it is within your reach.

The idea however, is to not be enslaved by a job you hate and to create the life you desire. Regardless of your preferences you can make money from home and with an eBay auction business anyone can do it. Whether you sell your own products or whether you sell other people products, eBay offers you the opportunity. It's all a matter of taking action and making it work for you.