Know Your eBay Fees And Charges And How They Will Affect Your Bottom Line

Depending on the country you live in eBay fees and charges will vary slightly.

Just like in traditional bricks & mortar businesses, you’ll need to keep a close eye on all eBay fees and charges because they will have a major affect on your overall profit margin.

One tip can be to use the starting prices shown and keep them just on the lower side of what you would like. For example, if you want to start your listing at $50, start it at $49.99 and save yourself $1.20 each time. Remember, every cent in your pocket increases your profits and helps you build a bigger eBay business.

Remember, just because you live in one country, doesn’t mean you can’t list your auctions in another. Many eBay sellers even run their whole business in an entirely different country than the one they live in.

As your business grows and you discover new niche markets you’d like to exploit, you may even want to create various Seller User ID’s and sell products all over the world.

No matter which eBay website you decide to list your items on, all fees will come back to the one payment source you establish when you sign up. This gives you lots of flexibility to run your business.

eBay Express

eBay Express is designed for shoppers who don’t particularly want to go through the auction format. At eBay Express shoppers can look for the items they’re interested in and purchase it immediately.

The added benefit of eBay Express is it has a Shopping Cart feature, allowing the shopper to buy multiple items, from different sellers, and complete the deal in one transaction.

The customer is also covered by free Buyer Protection on all transactions. This gives the customer added security and gives them confidence in shopping directly online.

To be included in eBay Express as a seller, currently it’s only available in the US and items can only be shipped within the US, so you need to have a base there or fulfilment services.

You also need to have a minimum of 100 feedbacks with a 98% Positive feedback rating. For your listing to appear, it must be a Buy It Now Auction, a Fixed Price Listing, or a Store Inventory listing.